Yesterday, I was on my way home from a friend’s house and as I drove through the country, a moving black spot in the ditch caught my eye. As I got closer, this is what I saw.

I drove past him and turned around so I could snap a photo of him with my phone and post him as a dog sighting. I generally assume that most dogs are not going to approach me and I don’t give chase is most situations because I don’t actually know the situation. Thus, the importance of dog sighting reports.

Well, I stepped out of my truck to grab one more photo and to my surprise, he stopped and watched me. I squatted down in the road and he walked right to me! He was wearing a collar but no tags, and he was really in tough shape. Very skinny, a gimp in his gate, not to mention that he was black and it was really hot and humid outside. A glance off to the northwest showed black clouds looming as well. I opened my truck door and to my surprise, he hopped right in.

I brought him home and shocked my husband when he came out of the house to see me holding a Great Dane. I love those moments. My husband, not so much.

My husband brought him a bowl of fresh water and we went and sat with him in the shade. He was really warm and panting and drooling like crazy.

After some time passed, he cooled down and began showing us just what a sweetheart he could be. He would push his head into my chest and sit like that. Then I’d have him lay down while I made phone calls on his behalf. But he would only lay for a short time before getting up and putting his head right next to mine. I’m such a sucker for a gray face and soulful eyes. Plus, did I mention that Danes are like one of my favorites?

I don’t know where he came from or what his name is.  I call him ‘Joseph’.  He looks like a Joseph.  He’s regal and he’s smart, and he belongs with somebody incredible.

Then he pulls this look and my heart begins to crack.

I decided right then and there that I will be Joseph’s safety net. I will not allow one more person to let him down. If his owners cannot be found and he runs out of options after his stray hold is up, he will be coming home with me until a loving family will give him a forever home.  Joseph deserves that much.

Joseph went home!
“Joseph” is actually named ‘Titus’, and he is terrified of storms.  As the storms rolled through the area, he took off.  His owners picked him up and he went home!
Gotta love a happy ending!

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