Banjo Girl

Last night, I did my very first official HeARTs Speak photo shoot!  *happy dance!*

Banjo Girl is a 2yo Catahoula mix who has been with her rescue for nearly 16 months now.  She is fostering with a wonderful family who adore her, and none of us can figure out why nobody has snatched up this total gem of a dog!


I actually was the last leg of Banjo’s multi state transport in early 2013. I have a vested interest in seeing her come full circle and find her forever home!


She is just perfect all around. When I first arrived to see her, she just melted into my arms. She’s kid/cat/dog friendly and loves a good game of tug. She’s the perfect size at 40lbs and would make a great addition to just about any family situation!


Somebody needs to take this sweetheart home with them!



Banjo Girl is available through Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest and is currently fostering in Minnesota!

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