Cardinal Family Update

About a month ago, I told you about our newest ‘neighbors’.  A pair of Cardinals had begun building a nest just inches from our bathroom window in a bush!

Well, a lot has happened over the course of a month.

We went on a little vacation over Memorial Day Weekend, returning home on the 26th. The nest was complete, but for the next two days we didn’t see either bird and thought maybe they had been scared away while we were gone.

May 28th – The first egg was laid!

Within 48 hours, a second egg had joined the first egg, but I was never able to get a shot of it because Ma was not going to get off that nest. So I left her alone. By June 10th, we had hatchlings! Two precious naked babies, deemed ‘George & Blanche’ (another story for another time).

June 12th – Video of da neckid beebees!

It’s been fun peeking in every once and a while to watch both Ma and Pop Cardinal come in to feed their chicks. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since this little journey began! This morning, I looked in on them and realized they would be leaving us soon. The babies are covered in feathers and fuzz (hey, those would have been cute names, too!) and it’s coming time for them to spread those wings.

Maybe it’s weird, but I’m really going to miss them once they are gone.  I’ve read that Cardinals don’t usually nest in the same spot again, they will build a new nest in a new location for their new family.

But we will probably leave the nest as is anyways…  just in case.

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