Project 52: Week 25 – Sleeping

This is my very first Project 52 theme and I am so excited to participate!  The theme this week is ‘Sleeping’ and I knew exactly who my subject would be for it.  Our little rescued Corgi mix, Maggie, is sort of a nap-o-holic.  Napping is her thing.  And taking pictures of her while she naps is my thing!


Maggie especially loves sunning herself outside in the summer. When my husband goes outside to grill, she dances at the door to remind him to take her with him so that she can lay in the warm grass and pretend to supervise. She also enjoys finding nasty things that have been baking in her sun to roll in, but it’s tough to stop her because she’s so funny when she’s kicking her shorty legs towards the sky.

After a long afternoon in the sun, Maggie can also appreciate her spot near the air conditioning.


For the next stop on this week’s Project 52 tour, go check out all of the awesome happening at Sydney & MAC Creative Designs!

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3 Responses to Project 52: Week 25 – Sleeping

  1. Kaylene says:

    It looks like Maggie doesn’t care where she is, as long as she can nap! Welcome to the group :o)

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