Sullivan aka ‘Wittle Beebee Suh-we’

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with this young gentleman.  We only fostered him for a few weeks, but those few weeks were packed with puppy antics and fun!

Meet Sullivan! (This photo describes him perfectly, too!)


He was exactly 4 months old when he arrived.


I’m told he’s a sealed reverse brindle Boxer. (He’s black, people. Black)


His one white sock just kills me. I love it so much!


Anyways. This doofus quickly found his new home in Wisconsin, but he definitely left an impression! Much luck in your awesome new life, Sully!

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1 Response to Sullivan aka ‘Wittle Beebee Suh-we’

  1. Oh!! it´s so cute!!! 💕🐶

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