Let’s see. What could you possibly wish to know about me?

My name is Emily and I’m in love with three things: My husband & family, animals of all sorts (not to be confused with insects.. ick),  and the third is photography.  Those three things sum up what would make me content for the rest of my life.  And cheesecake.  Four things, must include the cheesecake!

I enjoy loud music and being outside.  My list of interests include camping, fishing, anything horse related, writing, disc doggin, CrossFitting, golfing, playing in my garden, backyard bonfires, dog training, and anything that is camo or has paw prints on it.  I have an unhealthy obsession with Christmas stuff, including Hallmark Christmas Movies and nutcrackers.  I love playing with bows and guns and really enjoy hunting, except I can’t actually shoot a living animal when it comes down to it, and my music tastes include country, bluegrass, classical, doo wop, rap and metal.

My husband and I have been together for a decade and we still like each other., which is a feat in itself for many couples.  His greatest joy is fishing (especially on the ice) and when we take a vaca, it’s usually north.  We’re owned by three dogs and a cat, and we hope to begin our family soon!

We have been doing dog rescue since 2006 and one of the very first things I learned was that my foster dogs were not going to be adopted if I didn’t put up amazing photos of them.

Since that first dog, we have fostered a gazillion additional dogs and cats and one of my greatest joys with these animals is capturing them through my camera lens. I’m rarely found without my camera.  I also love helping others with their photography needs!

My photography style tends toward the less traditional.  I love wonky colors and abstract framing.  My social skills are lacking, so I find that I’m incredibly comfortable taking photos of animals and objects and nature, and not so much with human portraits.   If a human makes it into one of my ‘good’ photos, it’s because there is an animal there also that I actually meant to capture.

I’d love to be a pro photographer.  I really would.  But I get so much joy out of getting that perfect shot and then sharing it with those who will love it… without a cost.  Making money isn’t really possible when I continue to give it away for free!


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