Week 52: Holiday

I’ve taken Christmas themed dog photos up the wah-hoo this past week.  But I didn’t have to think about which one I’d use for this post.


This is Otis.  He’s a 6.5yo brindle Boxer that my husband and I are currently fostering for a rescue.  We’ve had him since early September and as a previous Carolina resident, this is his first winter, ever.  He’s so bizarrely awkward about so many things, I couldn’t help but throw a Santa hat on him and let him go about his awkward business!

There are a few things I would have done in the editing process that I didn’t, like his eyes, might think about tweaking later.

Also including a bonus shot that I doctored with a Christmas frame.  Just for gigs.  That was a cell phone shot.
Merry Christmas everybody!


Check out the next post on our tour!


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Sullivan aka ‘Wittle Beebee Suh-we’

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with this young gentleman.  We only fostered him for a few weeks, but those few weeks were packed with puppy antics and fun!

Meet Sullivan! (This photo describes him perfectly, too!)


He was exactly 4 months old when he arrived.


I’m told he’s a sealed reverse brindle Boxer. (He’s black, people. Black)


His one white sock just kills me. I love it so much!


Anyways. This doofus quickly found his new home in Wisconsin, but he definitely left an impression! Much luck in your awesome new life, Sully!

Adopt a dog!

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I couldn’t not post this shot of my Kirby dog.


I end up having to put a lot of time in on my laptop for writing, photo editing, etc and eventually one or both of the Aussies will join me on the couch. I’m sure he thinks he’s helping.  And well, he is.

Peace & Love
~ Emily

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Boxer Rebel

Please welcome Rebel!


Rebel is a 4 year old fawn Boxer and he is my newest dog. He’s got chronic resting sad face, so all of his photos make him look just unhappy with life. But he’s a very sweet, wiggley, friendly guy who loves kids and people. His owners we no longer able to take care of him and he found himself in an Alabama animal shelter, and that’s where Across America Boxer Rescue found him.


He enjoys napping on the couch or being lazy on the patio. Rebel is the least energetic Boxer I have ever met. When I go to take him for a walk, he looks at me like ‘We’re really going to do this?’

He’s available for adoption through Across America Boxer Rescue!


Peace & Love
~ Emily

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This summer, I reconnected with an old friend from my childhood. Another story for another time. But he has a lovely dog named Harmon, named for the late, great Mister Killebrew. She’s a cross between a Shar Pei and an American Bulldog and has the coolest chill personality!

She’s become my walking/running buddy when I’m having a rough day and need to put on some miles. It’s been a blessing for me, both mentally and physically, to be able to swing by anytime and hit the road with her. But obviously, the rabid photography in me can’t just let it sit at exercise. Like most of the constant animals in my life, I shoot Hermon as often as I can. She’s proven to be an incredibly difficult girl to capture and makes me work for the shot I want. More often than not, she’s looking the other way, but every once and a while I can trick her into giving me some eye contact.


Seriously, I have to get clever to get a good, clear photo setup.


How gorgeous is she???!

I’ve genuinely been enjoying the challenges of photography as of late. They force me to get out of my comfort zone and actually use the photography skills I’ve picked up over the years. What fun would it be if all I had to do was shoot on Auto all the time?

Here is my futile attempt to get the black spots on her tongue.


This photo was the result of about twenty attempts at just the one shot.

And then of course, because I just can’t help myself, I had to finish with some bizarre editing.


Pretty sure her dad isn’t interested, but I would totally blow this one up on canvas and hang it on my wall!
But that’s just me.

Try to be nice to people, folks, and make it a beautiful day!

~ Emily Dahl

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Project 52: Week 29 – Motion

You’d think I’d have this one wrapped. I mean, I’m owned by three herding dogs. I thought I had it wrapped, too!

Then I stepped outside to photograph my crazy trains while also playing disc!


We’re proud disc doggers. My Aussies go nuts for the round plastic!


Here, we’re leg vaulting while I’m holding a very large camera in my non-dominant hand. Struggling…


We’ll have to work on this subject.

Check out the rest of the Project 52 tour this week! Next stop is Lupin Bay Photography! Keep clicking until you end up here again to see all of the awesome!

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Project 52: Week 26 – Shadowed

I was so pumped for this theme! And then I began trying to capture what I saw in my head.

It just Was. Not. Happening.


I kept shooting for a silhouette shot. But I kept getting these really well lit shots that never actually happen when I’m trying to get them any other time. What?! I am aware of the why. Controlling Aussies and controlling my camera’s settings requires a level of multi tasking that I wasn’t capable of that day I guess.


My Aussies are always willing subjects. After posing them this way and that way, I gave up. I gave up, and went for the literal version.


An Aussie shadow. How unimaginative! But boy this week’s theme challenged me. I may not have actually succeeded at what I was trying to do, but I’ll take what I got all day long.

Next stop on the Project 52 Tour is Barking Lab Studio! Go check it out!

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Project 52: Week 25 – Sleeping

This is my very first Project 52 theme and I am so excited to participate!  The theme this week is ‘Sleeping’ and I knew exactly who my subject would be for it.  Our little rescued Corgi mix, Maggie, is sort of a nap-o-holic.  Napping is her thing.  And taking pictures of her while she naps is my thing!


Maggie especially loves sunning herself outside in the summer. When my husband goes outside to grill, she dances at the door to remind him to take her with him so that she can lay in the warm grass and pretend to supervise. She also enjoys finding nasty things that have been baking in her sun to roll in, but it’s tough to stop her because she’s so funny when she’s kicking her shorty legs towards the sky.

After a long afternoon in the sun, Maggie can also appreciate her spot near the air conditioning.


For the next stop on this week’s Project 52 tour, go check out all of the awesome happening at Sydney & MAC Creative Designs!

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Let The Armpit Hair Fly!

I know, silly title for a blog post, no?

Well, when you scroll further, it will make sense.

My male Aussie, Kirby, has always had a bit of a wild coat, which fits his personality to a tee. Quirky and wild!

His coat is a decent representation of the ‘working’ Aussie coat, which tend to have a bit of a wave and less undercoat. That, added to the fact that he hates being groomed, has resulted in a less than desired fur length on his front legs and feet. It just does whatever it wants.

And now all these years later, we’ve come to affectionately refer to Kirby’s leg fur as his armpit hair. I haven’t the heart to cut it.


It just suits him so.

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What IS it?

Last night, I took my camera outside as the sun began to set and sat down on the grass to wait. Just wait for something to photograph. I did not have to wait long.

We have a very large flowering shrub growing next to the house behind our garden. It is so beautiful when it blooms! I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and zoomed in to get a closer look.


At first I thought it was a giant bumble bee! Then upon closer inspection, I decided it was a hummingbird. It wasn’t until the editing process that I noticed it’s moth-like head and lack of beak. I have never seen this before, but it was so beautiful and graceful in it’s movement.


I was not afraid, which is bizarro in itself because large, unidentified insect-like things generally send me flying into the hills. But not this guy. Later research would I.D. him as a Hummingbird Moth or Sphinx Moth


I sort of even hope I see him again!

Peace & Love

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