I’m not a professional photographer.  Though, I do aspire to be… someday.  Maybe.

In the meantime, for as long as I’ve been doing rescue, I’ve put the skills that God has given me to use by taking the best pictures that I can of the homeless animals that I cross paths with.  I am thrilled to partner up with HeARTs Speak so that I may continue to do more!

I am excited to donate my time and photography skills to animal rescues and shelters in the southern Minnesota/northern Iowa area.  There is no charge for this service and I am up for photographing any species you’ve got!   Dogs, cats, horses, livestock, reptiles, birds, etc.   I can’t guarantee that the resulting photos will win any awards, however, I can promise that I will arrive with patience and do my best to win your animal’s trust and capture their personality through the camera lens.

Contact me at to set up a shoot!


It’s not a secret that an animal’s chance at being adopted is greatly multiplied simply by offering a great photograph.  People don’t want a sad looking dog or cat huddled in the back of a dark cage or hiding in the corner of a foster home.  It makes them sad and reminds them of how cruel the world can be.

But if you can put up a photograph of a cat’s beautiful face, with the light shining on her just right and the angle set up just perfectly, enabling people to look into those gorgeous feline eyes, a person wants or even needs to meet that animal.  To touch them and hold them and look into those eyes face to face.  If you can get them that far, then you’ve probably hooked them.

It’s the most common phrase I hear when a potential adopter comes to meet my foster animals.  “I saw their photo online and I felt an instant connection, I knew she was the one.”  There is so much truth in the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.  And the reality is that sometimes an animal’s life literally rests in their photographer’s hands.

I have been honored to photograph dogs from these organizations!

Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest
Across America Boxer Rescue
New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue
The Rescue Connection


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